Professional Plumbing Tools

A world of professional plumbing tools
Tools proudly manufactured in Italy!

Each MGFTools professional plumbing tool is designed with passion and expertise

Pressing Tools

The battery pressing machine is the most used by the plumbing tools nowadays. The MGFTools multilayer jaws have an unbeatable quality / price ratio

Testing Pumps

Each MGFTools plumbing system pressure test pump is 100% made in Italy. Designed, produced and tested in our factory. MGFTools pressure test pumps are sold all over the world.

Water jetters and drain clearing tools

In the 1980s the manual unclogging pump consecrated MGFtools as a manufacturer of professional plumbing tools. Today MGFtools is a leader in maintenance tools.

Pipe benders

Already in the 70s MGF manufactured pipe benders and marketed them through the most important brands of professional plumbing tools. The Alpem multilayer pipe bending machine is still sold worldwide today

Hand plumber tools

In the MGF catalog you will also find a complete range of professional plumbing tools hand operated. Pipe cutters, shears, calibrators, deburrers, pliers, pipe wrenches, radiator lifters and much more.

HVAC Tools

As for air conditioning, air conditioning and heat pumps, in the MGFTools catalog you will find the two-stage vacuum pump, flaring tools, manifolds, refrigerants recovery machine and much more. We provide also the calibration service according to FGAS regulations.

Plastic pipe welding, butt welders, sleeve welders

In the plastic pipe welding tools, MGFTools has been a partner of Georg Fischer Omicron since 2019

Brazing and welding

Everything you need for welding copper pipes or strong brazing. Torches, oxyacetylene torches, MAP gas and welding alloys

Threading tools

Although the pipe is becoming less and less threaded, MGF supplies manual and electric drillers for steel pipes.

Disinfection and sanitization

MGFTools produces machines for the disinfection of AHUs and the sanitization of environments

Why MGFTools professional plumbing tools are great tools?

MGFTools has been producing professional plumbing tools since 1975.
Find out why so many installers use at least one MGFTools plumber tool

Professional tools sold today
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Made in Italy

MGFTools proudly produces in Parma, Italy. In our factory we develop tools for innovative plumbers for the most demanding professionals. We do in Italy and deliver worldwide through our distribution network.

Time Leader

MGFTools is very concerned about fast delivery and service. From offers to customer service, from the engineering of customized solutions to plumbing tools fast delivery, MGFTools offers a very fast service to its partners, distributors and professional plumbers.